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September 23, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Mobile Virtualization
As the mobile device industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, forecasters believe the virtualization market will see an incredible gain in value, more than doubling its worth in the next half decade.According to a new report by...
September 22, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
One of the world’s largest and longest-running Internet sites had bad news Thursday.Yahoo! revealed user account information was stolen from the company’s network in 2014 by what it believes to be a state-sponsored actor, and the information may...
September 22, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Kevin Baradet
When it comes to enterprise IT and the discussions that surround them, Kevin Baradet is always up for a chat. That’s why he’s leading one of Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing and Security roundtables in Miami this October.Baradet...
September 21, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
BYOD Vs. Corporate
To bring your own or not bring your own, that is the question for enterprises and their employees across the globe.As enterprises increasingly become mobile, creating more connected workforces yielding higher productivity, workers are often faced...
September 20, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Do wearables fit in your enterprise, and if so, how?That’s the question many organizations are asking themselves as application developers and designers begin to better understand the complexities of building programs for a growing mobile world.In a...
September 16, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Shawn Wiora
When Shawn Wiora took over as CIO and CISO of the largest independent nursing home company in Texas, he was faced with a plethora of IT challenges that would need to be drastically transformed.“IT in healthcare can be viewed as a level or two behind...
September 15, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Microsoft CRM
In a major industry move, HP, Inc. has signed a six-year deal to partner with Microsoft’s cloud-based Dynamics CRM after previously employing Salesforce’s technology.HP will now deploy Microsoft Dynamics to thousands of employees across its...
September 14, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
IBM MaaS360
Enhancing its cloud data centers across large swaths of the globe, IBM has expanded its mobile security-as-a-service with the deployment of IBM MaaS360 services in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.The IBM MaaS360 enhances mobile data...
September 13, 2016 by Eric Klein
The most difficult element to any new IT initiative is not the technology—it’s about your people. In order to successfully implement your IT modernization initiatives, addressing cultural challenges throughout your business will be key: from the C-...
September 9, 2016 by Jason Koestenblatt
Apple Logo
Another year, another Apple iPhone with new specs and plenty of ballyhoo upon its introduction.While consumers worldwide will plunk down hundreds of dollars to get the next generation of smartphone, will enterprises follow suit? Will the iPhone 7...
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609 article results
of 60