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Asset Management
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 11/23/2016
One of the biggest buzzwords this decade is actually quite vague, but encompasses plenty. It’s called Internet of Things, or IoT, and essentially gives meaning to the network of physical objects that feature an IP address for Internet connectivity,... Full Article »
Posted: 12/12/2013
Adidas: Meeting Increasing Customer Demands
At the 2012 European Customer Experience Exchange, Adidas presented their virtual footwear wall, which is still currently in its early stages, as part of the 'Meeting Increasing Customer Demands' panel. In this video, former VP of Global Retail... Full Video »
Posted: 09/17/2015
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Moving towards a managed services platform can help companies to make significant cost reductions and simplify IT support, but how do you ensure a secure data control? Andrew Baynes, Enterprise Architect, National Grid, joins Enterprise Mobility... Full Podcast »
Posted: 05/08/2014
Strategies for Managing Cellular Network Performance
Nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers have stated that greater use of mobile technologies is either a high or critical priority. As mobile deployments and cellular data use become more business-critical than ever, enterprises face the need to... Full Whitepaper »