Customisable Enterprise Mobile Apps Automate and Improve Business Processes

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 07/13/2015
Customisable Enterprise Mobile Apps Automate and Improve Business Processes
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Workflow automation specialists Nintex today launched two new enterprise-grade workflow automation solutions, for businesses to increase productivity and engagement for global workforces, both in the office and in the field, from laptops to mobile devices, and when connected or offline.

Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition and Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition will enable organisations to easily automate complex forms-driven business processes, by integrating with web services, packaged and custom databases, and business applications. Both solutions have been designed to drive the adoption and management of these processes, through custom-branded mobile applications.

"Mobile-first is an objective many businesses charge of their IT teams when building applications," said Carl Lehmann, IT Analyst, 451 Research. "But mobility poses challenges about how to access, expose and secure data from systems like SharePoint and Office 365, how to use native device capabilities, and how to assure that work is productively improved. Overcoming such challenges requires a secure mobile app-dev platform and native mobile forms creation tools, tied to an adaptable workflow engine like what is now offered by Nintex."

Nintex Mobile Enterprise will give enterprises the ability to custom-brand up to five native mobile apps in a few easy steps, through an intuitive web interface that will build deployable app packages in minutes.

Employees will be able to keep their processes going wherever they are by reviewing or approving documents, filling out forms that include supporting photos, videos, and other attachments, and delegating tasks to quickly get work done while online or offline.

"Enterprises run on hundreds, if not thousands, of processes every day - all of which can have significant impact on the pace of innovation, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and more," said Nintex VP of Produc, Ryan Duguid. "Nintex is committed to giving our partners and customers the ability to automate and evolve these processes, through configurable and manageable workflow, forms, and mobile applications to effectively address business needs now and in the future."

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott