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Contributor: Simon Barton
Posted: 5/19/2016
Mobile devices have been infiltrating the enterprise for a number of years, changing business processes and increasing worker productivity. With organizations now understanding their advantages, they are looking to prioritize their mobility efforts... Full Article »
Posted: 02/09/2016
How Has the Consumer Experience Affected the Customer Experience From an Enterprise Perspective?
Our exclusive video panel with mobility leaders, covers how the user experience affects customer adoption, how to drive loyalty and improve UX, and what role customer experience plays within enterprise mobility. The panel includes:Jeff Wallace,... Full Video »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 03/14/2016
IQPC Editorial Team
Mobile strategies can no longer be simple add-ons or afterthoughts. Operating in mobile time – the speed, ability and connectivity to do business, anywhere and everywhere – is here to stay. Now is your chance to learn how to become a mobile-time... Full Whitepaper »