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Companies far and wide are going mobile – need to go mobile, really – but it’s no easy task to go headlong into such a massive digital transformation. Where do you begin?Enterprises find challenges in making changes because they’re unable to identify the high value and high impacts across the industry. Companies can only gain a competitive advantage if they’re able to operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively. One of those modes comes in the form of micro apps and the productivity they can... Learn more

Honeywell Mobile Computer

Not all mobile devices are created equal, and some enterprises who are using consumer-grade smartphones for field work purposes may be missing the mark.Field service professionals are leveraging mobile solutions that decode barcodes to achieve greater efficiency, more reliable customer service levels, and streamline business operations. While smartphones offer low-cost and high resolution cameras, they’re likely not providing the same results and solutions purpose-built mobile computers are... Learn more

November Market Report Photo

As enterprises grow with mobility, so do customers, and companies must be cognizant of the challenges they face in making strong connections in that space.In this November Market Report, titled “Engaging Customers With Mobility: Innovation Through Communication,” Enterprise Mobility Exchange dives into the obstacles being faced by businesses who need to keep up with their mobile-first, and sometimes mobile-only customer base.This report will uncover:How to prepare for a mobile customer... Learn more

Distracted Driving

The technology landscape of your business is changing daily, bringing with it a focus on mobile device use and returning enhanced productivity across your enterprise.But that digital transformation may come at a cost. When does work begin and end, and more importantly, how can that mobile device in an employees’ hand create more harm than good for your organization? Enterprises are losing more than $8 billion annually because of mobile liability.Find out in this report why mobility in the... Learn more

October Market Report

Wireless Internet connectivity seems to be all around us, but when it’s not, frustration ensues. Anytime, anywhere access has become an expectation, no longer a privilege.In order to implement Wi-Fi, organizations – whether public or private, corporate or education-based – must deal with a number of factors. Removing legacy systems, finding funds to for new infrastructure, and securing numerous access points are just some of the puzzle pieces for such a large digital transformation.In doing so... Learn more

AT&T Government EMM

As government agencies transfer business operations to a mobile space, data breaches are growing and cybersecurity issues are exposing deficiencies. The need for public sector technology changes bring with it behavioral changes, and begins to reshape the government enterprise.Public organizations across the country are battling with the implementation of tech initiatives, especially all facets of mobility - from device management to security and expense management - due to lack of strategy and... Learn more

Honeywell Mobile OS

The most used and widely supported mobile operating system for enterprises has come to the end of its functional life, and there’s been no clear-cut migration path for the millions of users who depended on it.This sets the stage for an unprecedented migration in the enterprise mobility market. There are a variety of factors businesses need to consider when it comes to OS migration for their next generation of mobility strategy.In this paper you’ll learn:Advantages and disadvantages to selecting... Learn more

IBM White Paper Mobile

What are the four key trends impacting mobile infrastructure strategy right now? As mobile technology evolves, it’s bringing rapid changes to enterprises everywhere, so it’s essential to know the latest trends and how to build on them to create real business benefits.Third-party mobility service providers will play a key role in helping that process along.This report will shed light on how enterprises can benefit from key mobile trends; building blocks and best practices for successful... Learn more

SAP Thumb

The enterprise app market is a difficult place to be right now, with so many developers struggling to meet the demands of the end user. According to our report, Cracking The Complexities In Enterprise App Development, which can be downloaded here, there’s a lack of alignment among stakeholders creating a good user experience.In addition, if an enterprise app developer doesn’t know what the end user wants or needs, expected solutions can be impossible to attain. A lack of developers to fulfill... Learn more

Field Service Strategy

As service organizations increasingly focus on customer satisfaction and revenue, research insights suggest reviewing current field processes to support better resolution rates and improve revenue opportunities is a key first step to better bottom line performance.With customer satisfaction the top metric for success in field service, leading organizations are increasingly equipping their teams with the insights needed to make revenue-generating decisions in real-time.In this report you’ll... Learn more

107 whitepaper results
of 10