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LogMeIn Art
Despite mobile transformation's growth, a large number of companies still admit they're not fully equipped to handle new devices.
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Honeywell Mobile Computer
Not all mobile devices are created equal, and some enterprises who are using consumer-grade smartphones for field work purposes may be missing the mark.Field service professionals are leveraging mobile solutions that decode barcodes to achieve greater efficiency, more reliable customer service levels, and streamline business operations. While Read more
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Enhancing Customer Experience: Connected Devices Field Service Workflows
With customer satisfaction the top metric for success in field service, leading organizations are increasingly equipping their mobile teams with actionable insights to make revenue-generating decisions in real-time. Upgrading equipment, making field service workers more efficient, and keeping the end user satisfied: These are the changes Read more
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mobile security strategy
When it comes to mobile enterprise security the balancing act continues between enabling mobile users to stay productive without compromising on corporate risk. In this white paper you’ll learn of the essential elements of building a successful mobile security strategy and eye a few best practices to help you construct your strategy to gain broad Read more
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Discover how a conventional, hardware-based VPN can rob mobile workers of productivity and overload your staff with difficult to resolve, time consuming incidents. Learn how an intelligent mobile VPN can offer cost savings, performance and reliability to support employees in mobile environments. You’ll get helpful guidelines for comparing Read more
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Mobile Applications: What’s Next for Enterprises?
Mobile applications are now widely regarded as the key to true enterprise mobility success, overtaking the initial wave of BYOD and gaining significant investment from mobile enterprises over the last year or so. However, there are still mixed views on how best to develop enterprise mobile applications, with a vast amount of fluctuation towards Read more
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Wearable Technology: Enterprise Expectations and Potential
Wearable technology has exploded in recent years as an emerging category of mobile devices. Like smartphones before them, consumerisation of wearables has stoked interest in the potential for use within enterprise, and specifically, employee-facing use cases. Several organisations are exploring innovative, industry-specific use cases for smart Read more
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Mobility Tech 2020: Mobile First – the Trends and Challenges Driving the Industry Forward in the Next 5 Years
A long-term outlook on the biggest drivers of change within the Enterprise Mobility industry and a best-practice guide for IT leaders to help them leverage the available opportunities. Enterprise mobility is a rapidly changing and continuously evolving industry. While it would be impossible to predict all the innovative trends that will be Read more
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Looking Ahead to 2016: The Enterprise Mobility Exchange Analyst Insight Report
Key opportunities and requirements for organisations investing in enterprise mobility applications in 2016, as well as the challenges that lay ahead and how mobility leaders can overcome these. The global mobile workforce topped 1.3 billion workers in 2015, a year which also witnessed smartphone shipments in excess of 1.4 billion units. Read more
Tags: Enterprise Mobility | mobile | apps | trends | challenges
Tablet TouchPoints: A Roadmap for Powerful, Profitable Enterprise Mobility
This roadmap provides insight into the growing use of tablets within enterprise mobility and the factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure successful deployment. After years of trying to build the mobile enterprise, the business community has turned a corner and tablet adoption is growing rapidly – but how do you ensure your Read more
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