Accelerate Mobile CRM Deployments While Protecting Customer Data

Good Technology, the leader in secure mobility, today announced Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good, bringing its cutting edge secure container and app-level security to Microsoft's CRM solution.

Developed on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, this Good-secured version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will provide IT with app-level security controls, necessary to protect customer and financial data within the Good secure mobile app container.

This will allow sales teams to utilise Dynamics CRM securely on corporate-owned or personal iPads. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good is now available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Good customers in the Good Marketplace and Apple App Store.

As organisations of all sizes continue to mobilise their workforces, sales teams are demanding seamless mobile access to critical applications, as they look to shorten the sales cycle, improve customer interaction, and drive competitive advantages.

Since customer data is highly proprietary and often regulated, IT can often be unwilling or unable to offer mobile CRM access without providing more stringent app-level security controls. Native device-level security and MDM alone are simply not enough to prevent data leakage via consumer apps, data sharing features and personal clouds.

Good Technology offers secure container technology which can protect data stored on mobile devices, in transit and in use within multi-app workflows.

"We are pleased that the Dynamics CRM tablet app can now be securely managed through Good Technology with a solution that provides a secure container for local data, secure data tunnel, and also manages secure email and web links from the Dynamics CRM tablet app," said Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

"This is welcome news for our customers who will now be able to enforce central policy management such as device wipe and password management as well as enable employees to access the rich capabilities of the Dynamics CRM tablet app while enforcing corporate policies for customer data."

When using Dynamics CRM for Good, contact email links will invoke secure email in Good Work, keeping customer data under IT control, and out of personal email apps. Similarly, Web links will open into the Good Access secure browser, so connectivity is secured and all browser data is cached and protected. Any Good-secured ISV or custom app will also maintain encryption of data shared from Dynamics CRM, to ensure that data will stay protected and under IT control.

"Enterprise sales teams need secure access to customer information while on the move. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good puts key customer relationship tools at their fingertips without sacrificing the security of proprietary information, ensuring sales teams can be just as effective while mobile as they are in the office," added Christy Wyatt, Chairman and CEO of Good Technology.

Good Dynamics will enable enterprise developers and ISVs to effortlessly add advanced mobile security capabilities to their offerings, including crucial features such as app-level encryption, access control, data loss prevention, and identity and access management. This will allow support for security across multi-app business workflows. Over 1,600 custom and third-party apps have now been built on the Good Dynamics Platform by Good customers and ISV partners.

"As organisations move beyond MDM to mobile apps that drive productivity, CRM apps are in demand by sales organisations," explained Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Council member John Jackson, Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC.

"However, customer data is often subject to regulation or at the very least is highly sensitive. Priority one for IT is having the requisite security in place to protect data on the device and from leaking to personal accounts or clouds. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Good container addresses the needs of both sales and IT, and delivers high value integration for enterprises wanting to accelerate CRM deployments to mobile devices."