Advanced Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions for the Enterprise

Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

Self-service BI and performance management solution provider Jedox, who acquired long-standing technology partner Reboard in December 2014, will reinforce and extend its mobile BI capability to provide customers with ever-present business intelligence and advanced mobile solutions.

Reboard specialises in advanced analytics and mobile reporting for smartphones and tablets, and will contribute to Jedox’s strategic focus on mobility. This focus derives from Jedox’s recognition of the way corporate users now relate to their data, thanks to Enterprise Mobility.

Reboard was founded in 2010 with an absolute focus on mobile BI and performance management, with customers ranging across pharmaceutical, production, engineering, services, and telecommunication industries.

Customers deploy intuitive BI applications on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Reboard's mobile apps are designed to work on any device and provide leading functionality, a high-level user experience, and enterprise-grade security for business deployments on trusted corporate data.

"Along with cloud and in-memory, mobility is a strategic focus on the Jedox roadmap. Every day, Jedox clients already use innovations like mobile dashboards, simulations, and apps for planning and forecasting because of Jedox and Reboard's established collaboration. This acquisition means we will exclusively unify Reboard's mobility expertise to provide our clients with the most advanced Mobile BI technology on the market," says Matthias Kråmer, Chief Technology Officer for Jedox.