Android Users Empowered with Unique Business Management Mobile App

NetSuite Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP and omni-channel commerce software suites, today announced NetSuite for Android.

NetSuite are aiming for this solution to establish itself as the world's first end-to-end cloud business management mobile app for smartphones, which will run on the Android operating system.

NetSuite for Android will fully empower a company's mobile professionals with NetSuite's unified cloud ERP, CRM and eCommerce functionality to optimise remote productivity on Android smartphones.

"NetSuite for Android is unique. It's the world's only end-to-end cloud business management mobile app which brings full mobile and unified ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality to Android smartphone users," said Evan Goldberg, NetSuite Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "We believe in empowering companies and their employees so they can fully participate in the mobile revolution. Every day, mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are playing a larger role in a growing number of day-to-day business activities."

With NetSuite for Android, executives and their staff will be able to quickly and easily manage time and expenses, approve sales and purchase orders, create and manage records, access calendar functions and many more business-critical use cases.

Designed mobile-first, NetSuite for Android will provide business leaders with the same 360 degree control of their companies from their Android devices as they are accustomed to on their desktop and laptop computers. As a result, organisations and their staff will be able to achieve dramatic time savings and productivity improvements.

Strengthening the potential adoption of NetSuite for Android is recent IDC research which determined that Android was the dominant smartphone operating system in 2014, commanding a substantial 81.5% market share on a global basis as compared with Apple's iOS in second place with 14.8%.

"NetSuite for Android addresses the growing need for users to maintain 360 degree control over their business anytime, anywhere, from today's increasingly sophisticated and powerful smartphones," said Malin Huffman, NetSuite Director of Product Management. "NetSuite for Android makes the rich functionality of end-to-end cloud business management accessible wherever, whenever users require it, leading to dramatic improvements in productivity and response times."