The World's First Mobile Delivery Network will Enhance Mobile App Performance

Kwicr yesterday revealed its plans to deliver unprecedented levels of performance for mobile apps, with the unveiling of the world's first Mobile Delivery Network (MDN).

The cloud-based MDN will enable mobile app developers and owners to easily increase the performance of their apps across any cellular or Wi-Fi network, and on any iOS or Android device.

Designed to complement existing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and cloud-based infrastructure, Kwicr's MDN will accelerate app traffic from the point where content is served, all the way to the mobile device. Consequently, buffering and other performance issues that can cause frustration for users of even the best mobile apps will be virtually eliminated.

With this MDN, dramatically faster upload and download speeds, combined with more predictable throughput, will result in high quality experiences for every class of mobile app.

"Our customers rely on mobile apps to drive revenue, but no one wins when users experience spinning wheels or other frustrations associated with slow or congested networks," said Gregory Raiz, Founder and CEO of Raizlabs, a mobile software development company that has been building award-winning apps since 2003. "The user experience is everything. With Kwicr, apps are able to make people feel like they are always on the fastest network possible, regardless of when or where they use them."

Mobile app users have no tolerance for poor performance or erratic behavior. If their experience is negative, they will simply abandon the app and move on. That's why for any business whose revenue, reputation or customer retention is tied to delivering an exceptional user experience, monitoring and management of that experience is crucial. The importance of this was recently highlighted in the Enterprise Mobility Exchange report, The Top Five Challenges for the Mobile Enterprise: Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles.

However, it is possible for hostile cellular and Wi-Fi networks present challenges when it comes to satisfying mobile users. Apps are frequently subject to congestion, inconsistent bandwidth and physical impairments like signal fade and packet loss, which conspire to create problems like slow page loads and video buffering.

Kwicr's MDN will offer added value in three critical areas via an over-the-top model which is simple for app owners to implement and applicable to any mobile network. These three areas of focus are acceleration of traffic, analytics for critical usage and performance data, and acute control over the service on applications. Kwicr will monitor app performance continuously, but only accelerate traffic when network conditions reach levels set by the app owner.

"We're giving control of the mobile experience back to the people whose revenue, reputation and customer retention is directly tied to it – mobile app owners and developers," said Sean Welch, President and CEO and Kwicr. "We've solved the mobile broadband delivery problem with innovative technology, delivered as an easy-to-use service that benefits the entire mobile app ecosystem, including app owners, developers, CDNs, cloud providers and users."