Business Process Management Solutions Enhancing Mobile and Digital Technologies

Appian, a market-leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM)-based application platforms, has announced an alliance with KPMG that will help clients automate their business processes, and harness the power of disruptive technologies "mobility, enterprise data and analytics, cloud computing, and social collaboration " to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Recent research by Appian illustrated the need for business applications that are easily configurable and customisable to respond faster to business and customer needs. Over 85% of respondents said that custom software is driving innovation in business software, with just over 70% stating that traditional development solutions are too slow to keep pace with business demand.

Additionally, 90% revealed that a new market is emerging for modern cloud-based application platforms which dramatically reduce the time and cost required to build, deploy and maintain custom software solutions.

"IT and business teams faced with the urgent need to innovate, while optimising processes and reducing costs, are increasingly turning to BPM solutions to increase their speed of delivery," says Jerry Iacouzzi, Advisory Principal, KPMG. "With Appian, we're designing and implementing future-state technology programmes for our clients to address these key business issues quickly and efficiently."

The strategic alliance will combine Appian's modern application platform with KPMG's business insights and extensive BPM programme delivery qualifications. KPMG and Appian's combined capabilities help clients transform current operational processes, increase efficiency, mitigate risk, provide end-to-end visibility, and comply with regulations.

Joe Kozak, Vice President, Global Alliances and Partners at Appian, said, "KPMG is a strategic partner in delivering exceptional value to customers in record time across industry verticals all around the globe."