Challenges Surrounding Enterprise Mobility Implementation in 2014

By 2015, the global market for Enterprise Mobility is projected to exceed $168.8 billion. It is only natural then, that any organisation involved with such a rapidly evolving industry will encounter some challenges throughout its journey.

The five issues which have been identified among our network of Enterprise Mobility professionals, as being the most daunting challenges for 2014, are:

  • Budget Limitations
  • Securing Stakeholder Buy-In
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Change Management
  • Ensuring the Correct Training is in Place Following Implementation

How can you overcome such challenges, and create a holistic strategy that enables your enterprise to successfully reap the benefits of becoming mobile? Michael Ziegler, Director of Enterprise Mobile Solutions at IBM, shared with us four ideas which can be used as a framework to overcome such challenges:

  • Optimise by integrating mobile into the fabric of your organisation
  • Build applications that can benefit the overall business direction and goal
  • Engage with employees and customers with context in mind
  • Transform your enterprise by creating new value at the moment of end-user awareness

When it comes to looking to implement Enterprise Mobility solutions in the coming 18 months, business strategies will reflect such challenges, with the following three requirements commonly cited:

  • Aligning with an existing long-term mobile strategy
  • Being easily integrated
  • Solving a specific problem that needs to be addressed

"Since mobility significantly increases productivity and efficiency, organisations will need to rethink how they measure performance and compensate employees, emphasising outcomes delivered as opposed to hours worked. Traditional measures, such as utilisation, fly in the face of newer efficiency-oriented mobility tools", says Jeff Wallace, VP Mobility, Ness.

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