Enterprise Market Offered the Ultimate Lync Security Suite by LyncShield

Monday, February 2, 2015.

The ultimate Lync security suite is now being offered by LyncShield, to help organisations looking for secure Lync connectivity which will allow them to safely connect users to Lync servers, from any mobile device.

This is an innovative enterprise solution which prevents unauthorised devices from connecting to the corporate network, reduces the usage of Active Directory (AD) credentials and protects user accounts from lockout/DDoS.

LyncShield's secure mobile and desktop connectivity solution has already been successfully deployed by leading financial institutions, consultancy companies and large multinationals on a global scale.

Some of the other security features which enterprises can benefit from with Lync include Two Factor Authentication (TFA)/device registration, restriction to only corporate managed devices, smartcard login for Lync mobile, RSA token authentication and Exchange Web Services (EWS) protection.

"Connecting to the organisation's server using the Lync client from smartphones, tablets and any other device outside the organisation poses serious security risks," said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software, which developed LyncShield. "These risks derive from the need to authenticate a user connecting externally from non-managed environments and devices."

AGAT is focused on security solutions for mobile devices using enterprise apps requiring AD authentication such as Microsoft Lync and SharePoint.