Fully Enabling Your Mobile Enterprise with Customisation, Control and Collaboration

Friday, January 23, 2015.

Leading enterprise work collaboration solution provider Clarizen, has announced the release of a new enterprise-grade mobile platform for today’s workplace, mirroring the full functionality of its award-winning web application.

This platform provides enterprises with a seamless, consistent user experience between devices, as well as delivering role-based configuration to allow companies to streamline the work experience for groups of employees, keeping acute control over the access to sensitive information.

The ‘Winter Release’ delivers on Clarizen’s goal of building the workplace of the future with technology innovations, giving employees access to the information and tools they need, regardless of their location or physical context.

This new platform combines the full extent of web and mobile user experiences, effortlessly connecting the mobile functionalities with enterprise work collaboration, to allow team members to complete work outside the conventional office environment. This includes transitioning seamlessly between work on desktop applications over to mobile devices, and using mobile camera technology or telephony for work-related tasks.

Clarizen is working to enable organisations' business processes to achieve their full potential with mobility. The mobile app experience will become identical to the web app for users, configured with the same layout, modules and forms. This means users can easily create new items, update data and collaborate using Clarizen's discussion platform all on their mobile devices. Additionally, the mobile platform supports organization-wide collaboration across all lines of business, external partners and customers.

"Clarizen is committed to providing a seamless, intuitive user journey between the desktop app and mobile devices, and our reimagined mobile platform fulfills this 'mobile and enterprise enablement' vision," said Rachel Haim Hadas, Clarizen VP of Product. "Connection and collaboration power the modern workplace, with employees in multiple locations working on multiple initiatives. Employees need anytime, anywhere access to relevant projects to connect, collaborate and get work done."

Clarizen Profiles lets companies to set up tailored user experiences for different groups or roles within the business. For instance, marketing employees can have easy access to document proofing functionality, without seeing the time reporting features they don't need to use. Meanwhile, professional services team members can access full time-and-expense reporting functions, but don't see the ticket tracking functionality that their IT team uses every day.

In addition to increased employee efficiency, the enterprise benefits by being able to apply restrictions across entire groups as needed to protect sensitive information quickly and easily. Mobile solutions of this nature empower enterprises to optimise the performance levels of their employees and benefit from maximum productivity across all aspects of the organisation.