Global Healthcare Provider Cures Mobile Security Ills

With an enterprise this large, mobile device use to conduct business is a constant, never-ending battle. That’s why Brian Heemsoth, Director of Software & Mobile Security at Aetna, took to the frontlines and deployed an enterprise-wide weapon in the war against cybersecurity.

Heemsoth, a speaker at Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security event in Miami this October, explained the reasons behind the deployment and why it was essential.

Aetna has more than 12,000 enterprise-wide users leveraging bring-your-own-device or corporate-owned mobile devices to access the company’s various platforms and resources, from mobile email to collaboration applications and employee-specific applications. With a network that large, risks to data and system confidentiality or integrity via malware and other viruses is exponential.

To manage that risk, Aetna implemented a mobile security platform and deployed it to all Aetna BYOD and corporate-owned mobile device users,” Heemsoth said. “This tool assists these users in proactively managing threats on their devices (malware, vulnerability, etc.), and provides proactive network protections that establish secure VPN tunnels that are instantiated when the user connects to a risky or compromised network.”

In addition, the platform was also implemented into the enterprise MDM platforms to allow for proactive removal of access to applications and data from compound devices, Heemsoth said.

The security director will be speaking on the topic in October at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s Mobile Cloud Computing & Security in Miami and “convey my lessons learned around risks associated with the mobile ecosystem today, the types of resources available to help manage this risk, and finally how to integrate these protections into your existing MDM/MAM infrastructure for enhanced proactive protection of enterprise computing resources,” he said.

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