Leading Mobile Application Management Solutions Help Businesses Support the 'Extended Enterprise'

Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

Mobile application management (MAM) specialists Apperian Inc. ended 2014 with record growth, driven by a surge in the demands of CIOs and line-of-business leaders for secure management and distribution of critical enterprise apps to workers in BYOD and unmanaged device environments.

Apperian cited analyst firm 451 Research in their announcement of these results, reiterating that, "mobile application management is taking centre stage for managing mobility".

This trend is reflected in Apperian’s growth, demonstrating that more businesses are realising that device-centric approaches to mobility management aren’t always able to reach an increasingly large part of the global workforce, the ‘extended enterprise’. This included BYOD, contractors, franchises and field workers, as well as dealers and partners.

Apperian have been acknowledged for their proficiency in helping their enterprise customers achieve goals such as reaching 100% of the ‘extended enterprise’ by securely deploying apps to mobile devices that cannot be managed with MDM solutions, deploying mobile apps with several MDM instances by operating agnostically above the device management layer, and automating mobile app lifecycle management of business-critical mobile apps in large and small organisations.

"The ability to securely deliver enterprise apps to a previously unreachable but critical employee segment – devices not owned or controlled by the enterprise – represents an unprecedented opportunity for productivity gains," said Chris Hazelton, Research Director of Enterprise Mobility at 451 Research. "We expect continued and significant growth in the adoption of mobile app management, independent of whether companies have invested in MDM. We see MAM as the most scalable tool for supporting mobile workers inside and outside an enterprise."

Due to increasing demand for, and adoption of, Apperian's enterprise app store and MAM platform, they have recently achieved impressive milestones such as securing and delivering over 1.5million enterprise app downloads and deploying large-scale implementations including a major auto manufacturer, a privately-held major agricultural and industrial company, a staffing firm, several major financial institutions, multiple educational institutions and healthcare companies.

"We've been amazed by how quickly we were able to get a new mobile app securely distributed to, and adopted by, our employees," said Cheryl Van, Senior Director, Learning and Development, RMS. "The response has been incredibly positive. Employees at every level of the company are benefiting from accessibility to information and the success has sparked new, ground-up ideas for apps and ways that mobility can help us better serve our end customers. This innovation in, and support for, mobility is helping us find new efficiencies for our business."

"As the volume and complexity of enterprise mobile apps increases and user bases broaden, there is a transformation of variables around an organisation's app portfolio that must be managed," explained Brian Day, President and CEO of Apperian. "Basic app distribution features from the device-centric vendors are ill-suited for anything beyond a small deployment of a relatively simplistic app. It's becoming more and more clear to businesses that MAM is the best way to support that, and we are in a better position than any other vendor to help enterprises reach 100% of intended users and achieve their mobility objectives."