MBaaS Solutions Provide Mobile App Developers Additional Flexibility and Security

Kony Inc., a cloud-based Enterprise Mobility solutions company and industry leader among mobile application development platform (MADP) providers, has this week released new innovations for its Kony MobileFabric 6.5 update.

This update will give developers the flexibility to use any open mobile developer framework and tool of choice, without sacrificing the security and quality required by the enterprise.

With this latest release of Kony MobileFabric, developers will also be able to take advantage of new API management, MAM capabilities, analytics and application performance management services which have been added into the latest back-end mobile infrastructure release.

The pressure for businesses to deliver leading mobile experiences to their customers and employees is increasing, and app developers are finding difficulty in the cost and complexity of this challenge. This is because the process can require building and maintaining a high volume of custom-built integration code, as Kony reports over 40% of development projects have custom-built back-end mobile infrastructure.

Kony MobileFabric will free enterprises from these boundaries, allowing them to build innovative mobile apps to meet specific customer and employee demands. With these updates, enterprises will also be able to lower the costs of building their mobile infrastructure, while optimising the user experience by having better insight into customer behaviour, user journey and events, engagement and crash analytics.

This insight will enable organisations to take action and prevent any disruption to their mobile experience, which is essential to achieving higher mobile app adoption and satisfaction.

"IT and app developers alike are often trapped by technological limitations that prevent them from building innovative mobile apps," said Burley Kawasaki, Senior Vice President of Products and Strategy, Kony, Inc. "Kony MobileFabric provides organisations with the best of both worlds, giving the organisation the opportunity to innovate at a faster pace with pre-built, enterprise grade back-end services without conceding on control needed to keep the business from risk. Developers are free to use any toolset they choose and IT can provide flexibility and security simultaneously."

Kony recently announced the release of the new versions of Kony MobileFabric listed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, including a free developer edition. The new versions are part of a comprehensive roster of Kony MobileFabric offerings powered by AWS, intended to give developers the freedom to use open mobile developer frameworks and tools of choice, as well as take advantage of AWS to rapidly provision and scale their back-end mobile infrastructure.

Kony MobileFabric is part of Kony's powerful mobile application development platform (MADP) portfolio. As well as enabling developers to use any open mobile developer framework and tool, Kony MobileFabric can also integrate with Kony's front-end development tools.