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Steven Lerner

The state of mobile apps is changing rapidly, and enterprises should use every resource at their disposal to learn about the latest development trends. Thankfully, there are several experts on Twitter. To help you determine which mobile app leaders to follow on Twitter, Enterprise Mobility Exchange compiled a list of some of the top experts. This list includes mobile app developers, authors, journalists, and other leaders in the mobile app world.

(Note: This list represents a portion of the many mobile app voices on social media. The names on the list are in no particular order).

1. Imran Khan (@imrankhanonnet)

Imran Khan is an app developer and teacher based out of Alwar, a city in India. Khan created a series of free educational apps for students, and tweets about the role of apps (and other technologies) in shaping the educational system.

2. Chris Eidhof (@chriseidhof)

Chris Eidhof is the developer and founder of objc.io, a publisher of books, videos, and articles on advanced techniques for iOS and macOS development. Eidhof’s Twitter feed is a combination of objc.io retweets and other lessons for developers.

3. Jason Kneen (@jasonkneen)

Jason Kneen is a cross-platform native app developer for Bouncing Fish, as well as a speaker and author. Kneen, a U.K.-based freelancer for both iOS and Android, tweets about both personal stories and industry news.

4. Oliver Drobnik (@Cocoanetics)

Oliver Drobnik is an Austria-based iOS developer, trainer, and journalist. Drobnik’s Twitter feed is used to ask critical questions relevant to many professional app developers.

5. Krzysztof Zablocki (@merowing_)

Krzysztof Zablocki is an engineer, app developer, and co-founder of independent developer, Pixle. Zablocki normally tweets about Apple related news and his views on new innovations in development.

6. Matt Galloway (@mattjgalloway)

Matt Galloway is a London-based app developer and author of Effective Objective-C 2.0: 52 Specific Ways to Improve Your iOS and OS X Programs. From time to time, Galloway will tweet out his views about the current state of apps and technology.

7. Frank A. Kreuger (@praeclarum)

Frank A. Kreuger is a Seattle-based developer behind many apps, such as electronic circuit simulator iCircut. Kreuger is known for tweeting out development advice to his followers, as well as news about the release of upcoming apps.

8. Simon Ng (@simonng)

Simon Ng is an iOS developer and the founder of AppCoda, a leading tutorial website for app developers. Ng uses his Twitter account to promote the latest offerings from AppCoda and news in the app development sector.

9. Cathal Heneghan (@cathalhene)

Cathal Heneghanis the founder and CEO of MyNewApp.com, which provides Bespoke e-commerce apps for business. The Dublin, Ireland-based Heneghan retweets development updates and app statistics from his company, and other news surrounding mobile technology.

10. James Croft (@jamesmcroft)

James Croft is a software developer and founder/contributor to Made Apps, an application development community. Croft dedicates his Twitter account mostly to software development updates regarding Windows, app news, and the latest next generation technologies, such as mixed reality.

11. Steven Parker (@ConnectSteven)

Steven Parker is an app developer and blogger covering mobile technology. Parker is active on Twitter, and tweets about stories relating to mobile app design, tools, companies, and innovations.

12. Denise Lund (@DLundIDC)

Denise Lund is IDC’s research director for enterprise mobility and apps. Lund tweets about IDC’s reporting of digital transformation, and is a good source for the latest trends regarding enterprise mobility.

13. Alex Stratis (@Stratis_a)

Alex Stratis is also an enterprise apps analyst with IDC, covering the European market. On Twitter, Stratis comments on new legal issues in the world of enterprise apps, as well as the impact of 5G and DevOps.

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