Mobile Identity and Access Management for Android and iOS

Hitachi ID Systems has today announced the release of its Identity and Access Management Suite, version 9.0.

This new release will include the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access for Android and iOS, which will allow access to all product features from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

This will also see the introduction of the ability to feed report output into requests, to automate access remediation. It also includes the addition of many usability enhancements, dashboards and reports within the solution.

"Users increasingly access corporate services from their phones. This includes IAM services such as searching for contact information, approving security requests or unlocking forgotten pre-boot passwords," said Idan Shoham, CTO, Hitachi ID. "The challenge with mobile access to on-premise IAM services is connectivity. Smart phones and tablets are rarely attached to the corporate WiFi or VPN."

Hitachi ID Mobile Access will enable users to reach IAM services from their phones and tablets, even when not connected to the corporate network. Communication between the user's device and on-premise IAM system will be facilitated by a cloud-hosted proxy service. Devices will now require activation via a scanned QR code to raise security precautions.

Hitachi ID Systems looks to deliver access governance and identity administration solutions to enterprises globally. Hitachi ID solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies to secure access to systems in the enterprise and in the cloud, and this upgrade to their IAM suite will be a welcome boost for business users.