Mobile Threat Prevention to Secure the Enterprise

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a specialist in information security, today announced Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, a new mobile security solution which will help enterprises battle today's mobile threat environment.

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention will deliver a comprehensive platform for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android, and deliver real-time threat intelligence and visibility for extension into existing security and mobility infrastructures.

This solution is an acknowledgement that mobile devices increasingly represent one of the biggest threats to modern enterprises. According to Check Point, in an organisation with more than 2,000 devices on its network, there is a 50% chance that there will be at least six infected or targeted mobile devices in that network.

Most organisations are still not sufficiently prepared to deal with the threats that these devices present to their networks, because of a lack of tools providing the right visibility and actionable intelligence.

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention will deliver a mobile security solution for enterprises that need to manage and mitigate the risks of BYOD, and protect their employees and corporate assets from mobile cyber threats.

With the industry's highest mobile threat catch rate, this new enterprise-ready platform is one of the only solutions that can detect threats on the device, application and in-network levels and provide a transparent user experience, while allowing for immediate detection and removal of mobile threats, letting users stay securely connected without compromise.

"Mobile devices are entering the enterprise at a faster rate than ever before, yet most organisations have failed to protect them or their users," said Dorit Dor, Vice President of Products, Check Point Software Technologies. "Providing protection and preventing data leakage in a way that BYOD users easily accept is critical for success. With Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, we're not only providing enterprises with the most complete mobile security solution for stopping mobile threats on iOS and Android, but also delivering real-time threat intelligence to better understand their overall security posture."