Reliable and Secure Synchronisation of Outlook with Android Mobile Devices

Galaxy-Sync is a new solution which will provide Android users with an easy, secure and reliable way to share and sync all Microsoft Outlook data, including contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, with mobile devices.

The developers of Galaxy-Sync feel that the solution is necessary for enterprises, as they recognise that personal information, such as contacts and appointments, is still best kept local. This is because, despite the advantages introduced by cloud computing, there are also new, often unknown risks involved as well. The data centres used to power the cloud are as vulnerable to hacking and other exploits as any other computer system, despite security professionals' best efforts.

As a result, Galaxy-Sync will be a way for Android users to overcome the challenge of syncing Outlook data with mobile devices, where other apps and software have been known to lose or compromise data, or fill fields incorrectly.

The software will be optimised for the Samsung Galaxy S6, but will also work with other Android smartphones and tablets, including the Google Nexus and Sony Xperia. Once the software is installed, users can plug their mobile devices into their PC via USB cable. Users can then select their settings, with a reliable and secure way to synchronise Android phones with Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks and notes, without the cloud, delivering a higher level of privacy.