Could this Startup Become a Global Leader in Employee Mobile Apps?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

UK startup Beem has hit the ground running in 2015, having recently won deals with HSBC, Coca-Cola and Reed Elsevier, as well as building out a robust partner network over the last few months.

Beem is an enterprise content application. Working with global brands and mobile enterprises, Beem’s goal is to simplify access to professional content from mobile devices for its users.

Taking advantage of an exciting blend of BYOD, high smartphone penetration, app-savvy employees and demand for consumerised technology, the London-based mobile experts are on a mission to revolutionise how companies facilitate true digital culture with substance, rather than hype.

Beem could certainly be one to watch for the future in the Enterprise Mobility space. Since its inception 18 months ago, Beem has worked with some of the world's largest organisations, including members of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange global delegate network Diageo and Unilever.

Following positive customer feedback, usage and the significant momentum gained in 2014, Beem will now focus on three key areas in its approach:

Beem IGNITE (Sales & Marketing teams)

Real-time relevancy to all customer-facing employees, arming time-poor staff with instant and actionable insight; surface live CRM information alongside external social & web feeds irrespective of location.

Beem CONNECT (Non desk-based employees)

Access to learning materials, company content, visibility of local colleagues, and the opportunity to have bi-directional communications throughout all hierarchical levels; CONNECT for non-desk employees provide them with the right tools to be a better connected ambassador.

Beem AMPLIFY (Employees as advocates)

Simplified access to pre-approved content for employees to share across their own social profiles; AMPLIFY allows companies to extend the reach and improve the performance of their social content.

Beem has selected leading agencies in the internal communications space to partner with, in providing leading-edge mobile solutions to large enterprises. Wave one includes companies such as Simply-Communicate, Headlines, Mandarin Kite, CTN Communications and Manning Gottlieb. Beem also partners and integrates with Microsoft (Yammer), and IBM, among others from a technology perspective.