Strategically Addressing the Mobile Security Needs of the Enterprise

VMware, a specialist in cloud computing and business mobility, has announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Palo Alto Networks, a leader in cyber security, to address mobile security needs for the enterprise.

As mobile computing continues to radically transform the ways organisations do business, the need for secure access to company information at anytime, from anywhere, and from any device will drastically increase.

This presents new security challenges for organisations by exposing them to unfamiliar risk vectors, and the introducing the need to protect business data and applications which are accessed via employee-owned devices, while also respecting the privacy of personal information and traffic.

To address these challenges, Palo Alto Networks and VMware will integrate their enterprise security and mobile management technologies to give organisations a rich and unique combination of mobile device management (MDM), with advanced threat prevention for secure enterprise BYOD support.

This development is set to build on activities started in 2014, when the companies announced a software-defined data centre re-seller agreement, and network security and network virtualisation solutions.

"In a world of rising mobile threats, Palo Alto Networks and VMware are building upon the comprehensive AirWatch mobility platform to provide another layer of security, automation and ease of management for customers around the globe," said Noah Wasmer, Vice President, End User Computing, VMware.

The unique Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, WildFire and GlobalProtect technologies, aligned with the AirWatch by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, can help customers enforce security policies to protect networks from unauthorised or compromised devices, provide the appropriate level of access to apps and data for mobile users, and enable mobile devices to be correctly configured for business use and connection to a global threat intelligence service to identify and eradicate malicious content.

"Employees love the flexibility that using their mobile devices for business provides them, but IT teams often struggle to enforce security policies without compromising usability. Integrating our Next-Generation Firewall, WildFire and GlobalProtect technologies with the AirWatch platform addresses the concerns of both parties, giving users a positive mobile experience while existing security policies are enforced," said Lee Klarich, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Palo Alto Networks.