Top 10 from April: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

April presented a number of opportunities to gain unique insight into current trends and critical elements of strategic Enterprise Mobility, with two exclusive contributions from leading US-based CIOs, and a number of important industry announcements.

We also featured a brand new report regarding the market for Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, and an examination of prominent cyber security issues related to mobile technologies in the workplace, plus much more. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Exploring the Need for Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions: What Does EMM Really Mean?

In this report, readers will learn how EMM solutions will continue to be crucial for overcoming challenges such as growing mobile workforces and greater use of mobile devices, an increasing demand for mobile business channels, and the growing importance of mobile applications overtaking corporate legacy systems.

2. A Week in the Life of a CIO: Mark Crandall, Consulate Health Care

As the role of the Chief Information Officer has been significantly impacted by Enterprise Mobility, and consequently been forced to evolve in terms of operational focuses and relationships across the entire business, we asked Mark Crandall, CIO of Consulate Health Care to share with us how his typical week is shaped, to help better understand the importance of mobility to the modern CIO.

3. Mobility Mistakes: Lessons from the C-Suite

In the first of our 2015 C-suite case studies, Jim Degliumberto, CIO of Southeastrans shared with us the background of his experience as a mobile practitioner, reflected on the journey that has brought him to his current work with mobile technology, and explained how he has learned from his 'mobility mistakes' to help drive his organisation's mobile initiatives forward.

4. The 3 Key Trends in Customer-Facing Enterprise Mobility

We've collected three trends related to customer-facing Enterprise Mobility which can help organisations optimise their efforts and achieve their goals, as deploying mobile apps which customers use and regularly interact with allows enterprises to measure their business performance and reactively adjust their strategies in an extremely high level of detail to succeed.

5. The Apple Watch in the Enterprise: 5 Apps for Business Users

Although primarily seen as a consumer product, there are of course many opportunities for enterprise innovation which can be explored with wearable devices such as the Apple Watch. Here, we've gathered five examples of mobile apps for the Apple Watch which business users should look out for, to take advantage of a range of use cases in the context of an enterprise-relevant wearable device.

6. Mobile Security: The Impact on the Enterprise Ecosystem

This article by Rajinder Tumber, Cyber Security Specialist and Author, explores the intricacies of mobile security in the enterprise, including reducing the impact of mobile threats, as well as minimising mobile security incidents.

7. How are Millennials Shaping the Mobile App Landscape of the Future?

Oracle revealed in April that almost 55% of millennials say a poor mobile app experience would make them less likely to use a company's products or services. This article looks at the recent research by Oracle, which also revealed 39% of millennials would also be less likely to recommend a company's products or services to others following a poor app experience, and 27% admit it would cause a negative view of that organisation's products or services altogether.

8. Mobile Security Risks Must be Addressed Prior to Implementation

This article discusses the key findings of the 2015 Cyber Risk Report published by HP Security Research, an annual report that highlights the most prevalent vulnerabilities that leave organisations open to security risks. The research also offers analysis around the most pressing security issues which affected the enterprise during the previous year and indicating likely trends for 2015.

9. HP and Microsoft Deliver Enterprise-Grade Services for Mobile Customers

HP this month announced that it has added Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to its portfolio of mobility solutions, creating one of the industries' first sets of end-to-end, enterprise-grade services for the Microsoft ecosystem.

10. Highly Regulated Industries Given Mobile Security Boost by Innovative End-to-End Solution

Mobile app management (MAM) specialists Apperian Inc. announced earlier in April their integration with Mocana Atlas, a platform for delivering and driving adoption of highly secure, connected enterprise mobile apps with a consumer-level experience.