Top 10 from January: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

January 30, 2015

It’s been a flying start to the year within the field of Enterprise Mobility, from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to a technology start up out of the ‘Silicon Valley of London'.

With some significant industry developments that will likely have a role to play in the market later this year, these are 10 posts from January which should not be missed. Listed below is our month in review.

1. 5 Strategic Enterprise Mobility New Year’s Resolutions to Start 2015 with a Bang

Following New Year’s Eve, as people were tuning back into ‘work mode’ and returning to their responsibilities following some much needed time with their families, we decided put together five suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that can be taken on in January and beyond, for an attempt at improving mobile strategies in 2015.

2. Mobile Sales Enablement Simplified

In this latest complimentary eBook, you’ll learn how mobile sales enablement solutions can be used by your sales and marketing teams to accelerate the sales cycle. This mobile technology allows sales team to be hyper-relevant to their audience and thoroughly follow-up, while giving marketing insight into the ROI of their content marketing. Learn more in this exclusive eBook.

3. Enterprise Investments in 2015: The New Frontier in Mobile App Development

In this feature interview, we ask Tony Rizzo, Entrepreneur in Residence, Mobile, IoT & Wearable Enterprise Research for Blue Hill Research to assess his views on how mobile investment priorities have changed for enterprises over the past 12 – 18 months, what drives these investments, what can hinder them, and how they should be adapted moving forward into 2015.

4. IBM Launches $1Billion Mobility Game Changer: How Will Your Organisation Benefit?

IBM’s commitment to delivering true innovation to its global base of clients was evident in their ground-breaking announcement earlier this month. The z13 – the culmination of $1billion in investment, five years of development and around 500 new patents – is being touted as one of the most powerful, secure and sophisticated systems ever built. It is set to deliver scale and economics, together with real-time encryption and analytics, to help organisations fulfill the expectations of consumers for speed and safety with trillions of transactions in the growing mobile ecosystem.

5. 2015 Trends for Information Security and Data Protection

In this article, we examine the five key trends which should be at the top of the agenda for IT and security professionals this year, according to Dimension Data. With commentary exclusive to Enterprise Mobility Exchange from Neil Campbell, Group General Manager for Dimension Data’s Security Business Unit, this article discusses the importance of, and necessary precautions for, enterprise-grade mobile security and how organisations should react to such threats.

6. Recap: The Top 5 Talking Points for the Enterprise from the International CES 2015

Looking past the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show’s primary focus on the consumer market, there were a number of solutions which can clearly thrive in the enterprise environment which we collected here, bringing convenience and productivity benefits with the justifications for their use.

7. 6 Exciting Mobile Apps for iPhone 6 Enterprise Users

2014 was a big year for Apple in both the consumer market and in the enterprise. With 2015 set to see an increased rise in businesses encouraging mobility on a global scale, as well as mobile applications remaining the clear favourite in terms of investments in mobile solutions for the majority of companies, we’ve decided to look at six apps for the iPhone 6 which may be of particular interest to business users.

8. NFL Forced to Defend its Line as Wandera Identifies Potential Security Leak in Mobile App

It was reported earlier this month that Wandera discovered a severe security hole in the official NFL Mobile app, which leaves users' highly valuable personal information exposed to hackers. The risk of this vulnerability is particularly high at this time, as users are likely to be accessing the app far more regularly than usual ahead of the biggest game of the season, this Sunday, 1 February.

9. Samsung Highlights Potential Pitfalls and Future Promises for the Internet of Things

The hype and excitement that the IoT has been generating recently is in danger of failing to realise its full potential, if the devices and sensors which will support it are limited to closed platforms and exclusive to just one operating system. This cautionary prediction is according to Samsung, who outlined their plan for IoT offerings at the 2015 CES in a Keynote Address, highlighted here.

10. Could this Startup Become a Global Leader in Employee Mobile Apps?

UK startup Beem has hit the ground running in 2015, having recently won deals with HSBC, Coca-Cola and Reed Elsevier, as well as building out a robust partner network over the last few months. Beem could certainly be one to watch for the future in the Enterprise Mobility space. Since its inception 18 months ago, Beem has worked with some of the world's largest organisations, including members of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange global delegate network Diageo and Unilever.