Top 10 from July: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast kicked off July in style, and this month has gone from strength-to-strength in terms of the stories, interviews, case studies and announcements we've been able to focus on.

This month has featured several senior-level mobility and enterprise IT professionals sharing valuable and exclusive insight with us into what trends are dictating the market at the moment. We've also had a number of leading reports, whitepapers and eBooks to keep audiences up-to-date with specific topics. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Rugged Mobile Devices: Survival of the Fittest

This month's market focuses on rugged mobile technology, looking at specific ways ruggedised solutions are still necessary for the enterprise, examining the higher total cost of ownership which comes with using consumer-grade devices and resulting disadvantages, as well as considering how the market for rugged devices may evolve in the future.

2. Seeking Innovation through Information: Exploring the Role of a Chief Business Innovation Officer

We were fortunate enough to recently have an in-depth conversation with Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer for TVH. We spoke to Kalman about what exactly it is his role involves, and how it originated within TVH, as well as the ways in which technology has had an impact on the wider organisation, from the very beginning of its mobile journey, to the present day and beyond.

3. From BYOD to MobileFirst: Transforming your Employees' Work-Life Balance

This eBook explores how employees and business leaders alike have been approaching the BYOD phenomenon, and how it can introduce positive transformation into employees' lives when implemented and managed correctly. This includes the need for mobile strategies that embrace the devices which are operating within corporate networks and systems, both financially and culturally.

4. Exploring the Top 3 Priorities for CIOs over the Next Year

In this video interview, Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research discusses what he feels are currently the top three mobility priorities for CIOs. Dan also shares some of the biggest challenges for organisations regarding their strategic efforts to embrace mobility, and forecasts what technology trends may emerge for enterprises over the next few years.

5. Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast: 5 Things We Learned

Here, Eugene Signorini, Mobile Strategist, Consultant & Thought Leader and Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Council member recaps the top five lessons learned from our Atlanta-based event which took place at the beginning of the month. Gene highlights important topics from the event sessions such as IoT, mobile security, user experience, and more.

6. Navigating the Mobile Threat Landscape in 2015 and Beyond

The 2015 Mobile Threat Report looks to help prepare enterprise IT and mobility professionals to navigate an increasingly challenging security landscape, by examining vulnerabilities in different markets, discussing specific threats to the enterprise, exploring possible developments for the coming years and offering advice to protect valuable corporate data and information.

7. IoT and Wearables: Anytime, Anywhere Working with Enterprise Mobility

This video features Gary Strumolo, Global Manager for Driver Experience, Wearables, and Health and Wellness at Ford Research and Innovation Lab sharing a success story of Ford's in implementing innovative mobile technologies to improve customer experience and accelerate competitive advantages. The case study is then discussed and analysed by a panel of leading influencers and experts.

8. Uber Overcomes Resistance in the German Market by Targeting Mobile Business Users

Uber has brought an interesting dynamic to the market for passenger transportation, and has shown once again what mobile apps can be capable of if there is a solid business model behind them. In this article, Henning Dransfeld, Managing Advisor, Experton Group and Chris Bates, General Manager of Uber in Frankfurt and Dýsseldorf discuss the value of Uber to mobile business users.

9. The Top 5 Advantages of Leveraging Open Sources Technologies for Enterprise App Development

Earlier this month, ActiveState, a company which helps enterprises overcome challenges to be able to quickly create, deploy and efficiently manage software solutions that immediately deliver business value, weighed in on the top five advantages of leveraging open source technologies in enterprise app development, as more organisations are shifting to this "third platform" of IT.

10. US Customs and Border Protection Demonstrates the Value of Mobile Apps for Airports

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the US has announced that its Mobile Passport Control will now be available in five airports across the country, with San Francisco International Airport (SFO) the most recent addition to the initiative. This article explores the initiative behind the first authorised app that can expedite a traveller's arrival into the US.