UK Council Leverages Enterprise Mobility to Improve Work-Life Balance for Employees

Globo Plc, a global provider of Enterprise Mobility solutions and services, today announced that Milton Keynes Council in the UK is using Globo technology to power its Future Working Programme.

This flexible working initiative will drive savings and improve efficiency whilst keeping data on mobile devices 100% secure.

Globo's solution is currently deployed to around 300 devices, with plans to reach 1,100 devices used by staff and council members. Further capabilities which will be enabled by the planned deployment of mobile apps will result in this rollout being further extended.

The solution delivers Milton Keynes Council with mobility management, a mobile app development platform as well as valuable custom apps. The aim of the initiative is to enable flexible work for employees either at home or in the field, freeing up costly office space, eliminating paperwork and improving efficiency through real-time data capture.

Milton Keynes Council's Head of IT Strategic Development, Paul Wheeler, said that the initiative will play a vital role in maintaining services to the town's growing population in the face of pressure on resources. He explained, "By enabling people to work in an agile way, we're looking at a seven to 10 desktop ratio - seven desks for every 10 staff, which they share through hot-desking. That, in-turn, means less office space overhead and the closure of one major office. It all adds up to quite a major saving."

There are additional economies from the mobility aspects of the programme. "The real strength of the Globo solution is in the apps. They're giving us secure mobile access to back-end systems and data, automating previously manual processes, increasing efficiency and making for significant savings in time and money," said Wheeler. "At the same time we're able to leverage existing legacy systems by making them available through apps on mobile devices."

The council's choice of Enterprise Mobility partner involved a thorough evaluation of several vendors. "The way Globo's product is integrated across all the essential mobility functions is a particularly strong point" said Wheeler. "We really like Globo's can-do attitude, functionality, pricing and their willingness to listen and respond to our requirements. Their comprehensive solutions portfolio cover needs in MDM, BYOD, email, security, app development and more, with a clear and reasonable licensing fee."

Another important factor for the Council is Globo's ability to keep personal and corporate data on devices separated, as well as its remote erase capability. Both are seen as critical to meet stern governance and data protection requirements.

The needs of elected council members are evident; Globo's solution is used to secure and partition data on their council-issued tablets. This enables councillors to keep local constituency matters affecting the individuals and families they represent separate from council and committee business, maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

One additional benefit is that the council can phase-out its legacy inventory of Blackberry devices. "The real strength of Blackberry is its secure email. With Globo's software we can achieve the same, and a lot more, besides with contemporary smartphones at much lower cost," concluded Wheeler.