Preparing Enterprise Infrastructures for the Onslaught of Mobile Devices and Applications

Multi-platform development for mobile devices and applications is rife within Enterprise Mobility at the moment, in the opinion of Rob Tiffany, Global Technology Lead for IoT and Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft.

In this video interview from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, Rob shares his views on how security is still the thing keeping CIOs awake at night, and is a non-stop concern. Many CIOs are afraid that mobile devices are the weakest link in the security chain, and may be opening the door to security problems with policies like BYOD and similar mobility initiatives.

Rob also details how mobile technology is changing the way that CIOs work with the rest of the C-suite now that mobility is moving up the business agenda, and identifies the cloud as the key to the future of Enterprise Mobility, with a breakthrough in terms of trust and security concerns swinging in the favour of cloud service providers occurring over the next few years.