Mobility's Fastest Interview: Nick Capell, CIO, Parcelforce Worldwide in 140 characters

Niamh Madigan

Twitter interview with Nick Capell, CIO of Parcelforce Worldwide, who joins IQPC Exchange to discuss the position of Mobility on a CIO's Agenda. We have edited into 140 characters max per answer.

Nick Capell, CIO, Parcelforce Worldwide

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): Where does mobility sit on the CIO's agenda?

Nick Capell: Organisations with a mobile workforce depend on an effective mobility strategy. The CIO's role is to define that strategy to deliver value.

EME:What external influences have an impact on your mobility strategy?

Nick: The economy, as a low-margin volume-transaction business you need to be able to react very quickly to changes in economic circumstances.

EME: How is technology impacting your current organisation?

Nick: Advances are being made in mobility and cloud computing, offering us a low capex environment for hosting variable amounts of transactions.

EME: How are advancements in mobile technology impacting your IT architecture?

NIck: To pay attention to end-to-end business processes using mobile handsets to help our drivers deliver parcels and meet customer expectations.

EME: What are the threats and opportunities for the business as the consumer becomes increasingly mobile?

Nick: It's an opportunity to provide apps that allow consumers to book the collection and tracking of parcels.

EME: What criteria do you put in place when selecting technology?

Nick:Top criteria include reliability, battery life and elements of functionality. Number one is the overall ruggedness of the device.

EME: What areas of functionality matter most?

Nick: Geo location, the ability to take photos to record exceptions and improvements in connectivity so portable devices are always connected.

EME:How do you manage and use data to your company's advantage?

Nick: Our ability to make a profit is dependent on our ability to track key KPIs. We use data that relates to our business operational performance.

EME:What do CIOs and IT Directors need to be most aware of?

Nick:The technology market and to talk to other organisations to see how they are delivering value through the deployment of new technology.