Twitter Interview: Abhay Rajaram, VP Customer Success, Hightail

We were recently fortunate enough to sit down with Abhay Rajaram, and ask him about some of the key challenges businesses face, and overcome, through their use of cloud-based solutions outside of the traditional workplace.

Abhay is an influential figure for cloud-based file sharing service Hightail, who specialises in understanding exactly what customers want from their mobile technology. Abhay discussed with us in great detail how users interact with such technology, and emphasised the growing importance of measuring this usage to improve solutions for business purposes.

Read this interview summary to learn what Abhay feels are the most beneficial advantages of mobility, as well as what to expect in the future, all in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: How important are mobile customers to Hightail's broad range of services?

A Rajaram: Extremely; given the dynamics of how workforces are today, Hightail sees mobility and mobile customers as primary to our business.

EME: How do you translate what the customer needs into your implementation of mobile solutions?

A Rajaram: We have well-defined processes internally to translate requirements and enhancement requests back to our product and engineering teams.

EME: How do you measure the success of the services you offer, from your customer's point of view?

A Rajaram: Usage patterns, but also one very simple, highly measurable metric of success for a software as a service, is retention and renewal rates.

EME: What does Hightail do differently from other solution providers, to ensure you deliver on your promises to your end users?

A Rajaram: We focus on elegant, easy to use interfaces for end users, but also focus on having our solution available wherever they typically work.

EME: How has the role of mobile technology in helping businesses achieve customer satisfaction evolved during your time at Hightail?

A Rajaram: There has been a sea change in just the last five years. The balance of power is now firmly in the hands of the end users.

EME: What advice can you give to senior IT practitioners from the success you've had in implementing such technology?

A Rajaram: The name of the game today is 'enabling business users', and the most successful IT leaders are the ones who are embracing this trend.

EME: What are the key recurring challenges your customers want to solve through cloud technology?

A Rajaram: One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is anytime, anywhere access to business applications and core business content.

EME: What is your personal vision for the future of data storage and sharing, and how will this affect consumers?

A Rajaram: The most interesting opportunity is to continue offering highly functional interfaces while pushing the envelope on security requirements.

You can watch the full version of the interview here: Turning the Needs of Mobile Customers into Measurable Success | Anytime, Anywhere Access: Utilising Cloud-Based Technology to Meet User Demands