Twitter Interview: Fergus Kelly, CEO, Capstone Intelligent Solutions

In this interview, Fergus Kelly, Founder and CEO of Capstone Intelligent Solutions, discusses his thoughts with us regarding the increasingly ubiquitous nature of mobile technology within the enterprise.

Here, Fergus shares his thoughts on how organisations can grow and improve by managing, analysing and optimising data captured from actual customer interactions, as well as ensuring that solutions generate the type of business benefits that the end users expect, all in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): So Fergus, how important are mobile customers to Capstone's broad range of services?

F Kelly: The concept of mobility is getting bigger all the time, as it blurs the lines between traditional office-based & field-based activities.

EME: And how has the recent shift in momentum towards mobility impacted on Capstone's business strategies?

F Kelly: The impact has been positive, enabling our clients to meet & exceed the complex expectations of today's mobile-enabled customers.

EME: Understanding the user's requirements is essential to providing mobile solutions. How do you translate customer needs into implementation?

F Kelly: Understanding where the challenge exists for our clients early in the engagement & clearly documenting these ensures we meet their needs.

EME: So how do you accurately measure the success of this implementation from your customer's point of view?

F Kelly: Prior to any project we work with clients to forecast & create both hard financial & soft peripheral ROI analysis for any investment.

EME: What is it that Capstone does differently from other solution providers, to ensure you deliver on your promises to your end-users?

F Kelly: Time spent up-front getting to know the client & their unique business challenges, building a business case & then measuring the outcome.

EME: Finally, what's your personal vision for the way enterprise mobility is likely to evolve and take shape over the coming years?

F Kelly: The voice & video apps Web RTC offers to businesses looking to deliver differentiated sales/customer service experiences are very exciting.

You can listen to the full version of the interview here: The Impact of Mobility on Unified Communications for the Enterprise.