Twitter Interview: Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect, GE Capital

In our recent examination of some of the most significant future trends in enterprise mobility, the final area we looked at was increased innovation in the industry. On this point, we referenced Tim Hundt, Senior Enterprise Architect at GE Capital, who noted that:

"For an organisation to be innovative, it must combine both a culture of innovation with a process to drive innovation into solutions. Lack of the former will prevent the flow of ideas to feed the process. Lack of the latter will cause the ideas to fizzle and die."

Reflecting on this, we though it would be a good opportunity to look back on our interview with Tim at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Miami in 2013. Here, Tim discusses similar issues for GE Capital, such as innovative user experience, generating ROI, business strategies and emerging trends, all in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME): Which key mobility trends do you feel are affecting the market at the moment?

T Hundt: The big focus right now is on user experience; what are the right technologies to meet the user's needs and to really engage them?

EME: What should an organisation consider when trying to generate great ROI by implementing the right mobility solutions?

T Hundt: The first thing is security, but also consider your user: What they need, how to engage them and how to use them to increase profitability.

EME: What can mobility leaders do to better align their investments in mobile technology with their business strategy?

T Hundt: Mobile is a user engagement channel, not a business strategy. Understand how to use your business strategy to meet the user's needs.

EME: Where do you believe that GE Capital is leading the way in terms of enterprise mobility?

T Hundt: We're looking to move away from outsourcing. The key technologies emerging are game-changers and these innovations have to be in-house.

EME: What has been your greatest success to date and why?

T Hundt: Creating a mobile framework that allows the designer, not the developer, to create the runnable user experience - the finished product.

EME: Where do you think the mobility market is heading in the next five years and what do you think will have the biggest impact?

T Hundt: The focus is going to continue to be on user experience. If you look at all the key technologies, it's all about the user.

EME: What can the supplier community do to help organisations deliver on their mobility objectives?

T Hundt: Look to a complete offering: Mobile, web, big data, personalisation, cloud, AI - easier back-end integration with all these technologies.

You can watch the full version of the interview here: Generate ROI by Implementing the Right Mobility Solutions.