5 Ways Mobile Apps Empower Enterprises

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Delivering a rich suite of functional, easy-to-use, and highly intelligent mobile applications for enterprise workers who are becoming more and more device-friendly is now a game breaker for companies. Entire departments are being launched or tasked with the oversight of this important delivery, and for good reason.

From mobile application management to rapid mobile apps, pushing legacy systems and workflows into the present technology space has never before been such a crowded, chaotic space. Challenges abound for enterprise mobility professionals, who are trying to build, manage, or secure mobile applications that also include strong user experience.

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Over the course of an entire week, Enterprise Mobility Exchange will host five different webinars focused on mobile applications, featuring speaking presentations from a variety of professionals across industries that include healthcare, utilities, and government.

The event is titled “What’s Your ‘App’etite? Winning With Enterprise Apps,” and broken down into five separate webinars, with topics that include:

  • Monday, March 19: Faulty Foundation: Killing Complexity of Enterprise Apps
  • Tuesday, March 20: The Codeless Future of Mobile Apps
  • Wednesday, March 21: Yes, MAM: The Importance of App Management
  • Thursday, March 22: Controlling The Mobile App Lifecycle From Start To Finish
  • Friday, March 23: Finding App ROI Through Time And Money


“When it comes to securing your app, one area that is often overlooked is the SOTA: Scope Of The App,” said Mark Willis, Director, Global Security Software and Mobile Security Group at Aetna, who will be presenting on Monday’s topic. “Understanding the scope of your app is a key component to delivering an app that is just large enough to do what it was designed to do but no larger – thereby presenting a limited attack surface to attackers.”

From a different vantage point, Ramnath Cidambi will also address mobile applications, but focus on the application lifecycle and best practices.

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“It’s not just architecture and design, but also managing the entire ecosystem from the type of accounts to create and use for deployment, to management of vendor built apps,” said Cidambi, CIO, Illinois Assistance Commission. “What type of tools do I need to ensure I manage the lifecycle of an app successfully? It’s also not just building apps but also about retiring apps – how and when do I do that?”

The enterprise mobile application world is essentially split down three roads: full backend mobile application development from a solution provider; rapid mobile application development from a solution provider; and in-house enterprise application development.

Each comes with their own challenges, be they time to market, budget, complexity, and so on. Once those issues are solved, the actual mobile app design, development, deployment, and management is now an entirely new ballgame – and responsibility – for the mobile team. IT administrators need to ensure each mobile application is properly managed and continuously tested for efficiency and security.

All facets of enterprise mobility’s app infrastructure and operability will be addressed during the five-day webinar week. Go here to learn more, how to register or serve as a sponsor on the event.