Member Spotlight: Divyang Bhatt Of IQVIA

10 Interesting Facts About IQVIA's IT Director

Steven Lerner

Divyang Bhatt, the IT director for IQVIA, is currently overseeing the development of multiple mobile applications. In his daily role, Bhatt is helping to improve clinical monitoring, which in turn will help move healthcare forward. Bhatt took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in Enterprise Mobility Exchange's Member Spotlight.

1. What is the best technology ever invented? GPS, because you can never get lost.

2. My favorite free time activity is: Spending time with my family.

3. If I could be anything, I would be a: Cruise Ship Director.

4. If I could travel in time, it would be to: The 1980s, because of the music and the great memories from my high school years.

5. The fad or trend I hope comes back: Waterbeds.

6. Irrational fear: Visiting the dentist.

7. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be: I miss my New York pizza.

8. Last book I read: "The Art of People" by Dave Kerpen.

9. The most useless product around today: Hair in a can — the product used to cover bald spots for men.

10. The business/technology buzzword I am most tired of hearing is: Bleeding edge.

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