Forrester Research: CIOs Must Accelerate the Business Technology Agenda in 2016

In its 2016 predictions for business leaders in Asia Pacific, Forrester highlights the importance of CIOs accelerating the business tech agenda within their enterprise in the new year.

As the year draws to a close, analysts across the globe are gearing up to make predictions for the trends, challenges and investment priorities that will be shaping the enterprise mobility landscape in 2016 and beyond.

We at Enterprise Mobility Exchange will be publishing our annual Enterprise Mobility Exchange Analyst Insight Report in December, in which we’ll look ahead to the upcoming year and what key themes mobility and IT leaders globally should be exploring and incorporating in their upcoming strategy revisions.

In advance of the report launch we had a look at the predictions made by Forrester Research about the Asia Pacific market and have highlighted some of the key ones for IT leaders below.

A Renewed Focus on Design

CIOs will embrace design thinking in 2016, according to Forrester, as they face pressure to ensure they are adopting a business technology (BT) agenda to win, serve and retain customers.

The research company warns that CIOs will need to show empathy for customers and understand how BT will create effective and compelling customer experiences.

Mobile Innovations

Continuing on with Forrester’s focus on driving an enhanced customer experience, mobile innovations will fuel opportunities for improvements as well.

The researches predict that mobile services are expanding into office service delivery – online to offline (O2O) – and this will continue into 2016 as consumers demand a more seamless mobile-first, and fully digital experience.

This is evident, Forrester explains, in the mobile payments space as digital wallets gain traction across the region, with players like Alipay and WeChat in China, as well as tech giants Samsung and Apple, fighting for a larger share of the consumer’s wallet and expanding their ecosystem of brick and mortar merchants.

New Platforms for New Opportunities

Platforms and services are also set to flourish in 2016. Technology leaders in the Asia Pacific market such as China’s Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT), as well as digital Software-as-a-Service startups, will roll out new platforms, mostly cloud-based, to create new opportunities for CIOs and the BT agenda.

In a wider sense, Cliff Condon, Chief Research and Product Officer, said: "2016 is the year that a new breed of customer-obsessed CIOs will become the norm.

"Fast-cycle strategy and governance will be more common throughout technology management and CIOs will push hard on departmental leaders to let go of their confined systems to make room for a simpler, unified, agile portfolio."