Is mHealth The Fastest Growing Enterprise Mobility Market?

The future of patient health is in the hands of clinicians, of course, but it’s the technologically advanced devices in the hands of those doctors and nurses that is turning healthcare into one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

A new forecast says the mHealth solutions market is on pace to have an eye-popping five-year growth period, seeing a CAGR of 33.7%. According to Markets and Markets, mHealth solutions – defined as connected devices, apps, and services – will more than quadruple from $21.17 billion in 2017 to $90.49 billion in 2022.

So what’s driving such immense growth in mHealth? Enterprise mobility and all its tentacles, of course.

“Factors driving market growth include the increasing penetration of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile platforms, increasing utilization of connected devices and mHealth apps for the management of chronic diseases, and the rising cost containment in healthcare delivery,” the report said.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange recently hosted its Mobility in Healthcare event in San Antonio, Texas, where dozens of c-suite and management-level IT executives from across the country spent two days learning about advancements in the industry and what their peers were doing to help enterprises through mobile transformation.

Those same attendees ranked what their 2018 priorities would be, and claimed data security was tops, followed by mobile application development. Learn more about the event and what value was provided to attendees here.

Some healthcare organizations are diving further into digital transformation far more quickly than others, including New York Presbyterian Hospital. The Manhattan-based healthcare organization is now focused on managing disruption while driving productivity, and has realized a reduction in wait times from 2.4 hours to just 31 minutes thanks to mobile transformation.

Through the deployment of a mobile app that offers a virtual urgent care and follow-up care, NYP now has just an eight-to-10 minute wait time.

Which industries are moving ahead with digital transformation faster than others? Is healthcare on the cutting edge, or is it falling behind others such as retail and financial services? Discuss what’s going on in the world of Enterprise Mobility by visiting our discussion board to speak with others in the IT community, ask questions, and network with peers by clicking here