Lack of Skills, Budget Stunts Enterprise App Success

Enterprises can go full throttle into the mobile space, but there’s no question the software – apps, specifically – residing on those devices still leave plenty to be desired.

What’s more, it’s the IT decision-makers atop the business chain who are unimpressed with current outcomes and lack confidence in their products.

According to a recently released survey, nearly two-thirds (65%) of business leaders who’ve invested in mobile app development internally in the last year aren’t satisfied with their IT department’s management of the overall app user experience, while 92% of those respondents felt their externally developed apps didn’t meet expectations.

Quite the conundrum, it seems.

As previously reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Q1 2017, IT executives cite time and budget as the two biggest challenges when trying to deliver mobile apps to their workforce. But what tied both those challenges, according to the IT executives, was the lack of developers and skillsets available for mobilizing enterprise apps.

The recent report released by Kony echoed the same sentiments, as 42% those survey respondents cited lack of skilled staff as the primary reason they were unable to create or manage apps in-house, while 73% use outside vendors to develop the enterprise’s apps.

And yet while the challenges prove to be prominent, it’s clear the need for mobile enterprise apps is growing. Seventy-two percent of IT executives said their organization was realizing 11% or more ROI by mobile-enabling its systems, while 75% said their employees were increasing productivity by 11% or more.

The argument for creating mobile apps is clear: the increase in worker productivity and monetary return is too much to ignore. It gives workers flexibility, accessibility, quicker resources for communication, and streamlines daily tasks.

With the coming age of cloud transformation and enterprises conducting all IT functions in the cloud, along with mobile-only focuses, enterprise apps will distinguish the companies who want ultimate productivity from their employees versus those who lag in their own industry.

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