Missing Tablets, Saying Goodbye To Passwords Top February News

Enterprise Mobility Exchange is dedicated to providing leading insight and analysis on the state of the mobile business, and our readers are consuming that information daily. At the end of each month we take a look back at which pieces of content truly resonated with our audience and recap them here in an easy-to-digest outline.

In February, we sat down with Kony CEO Tom Hogan for our “Sit Down With The CEO” monthly column and dove into the why and how of apps and their role in enterprise mobility. We also slowed down the mobile process and analyzed why so many enterprises are pushing back on tablets, and how it impacts individual lines of business.

Take a few minutes to see the top five most read stories of February by clicking on each headline below. 

‘Progress, Not Perfection’: Q&A With Kony’s CEO Tom Hogan
Mobile application solution provider Kony is continuing its march toward changing how enterprise mobility functions and creates more productive workflows. Enterprise Mobility Exchange sat down with Tom Hogan, the company’s CEO, to get his view of the landscape.

Where Are Tablets In Enterprise Mobility?
Mobile devices in the enterprise are usually considered to involve laptops, smartphones, and tablets. But digging into the data shows tablets aren’t gaining the same traction as the other two, possibly because of a lack of identity. See what end users from a variety of industries had to say about the situation.

As Passwords Diminish, Mobile Efficiencies Will Increase
Is 2018 the year passwords finally take a tumble and make way for more seamless, innovative methods of authentication? Some say yes, and forecasts point toward a more secure, productive enterprise mobility ecosystem as a result.

5 Ways Mobile Apps Empower Enterprises
Enterprise mobility is nothing without the systems users need to accomplish business-critical tasks. That’s why the microscope is focused on today’s mobile application landscape and how those technologies are being utilized to empower production.

How Will Mobile World Congress 2018 Impact The Enterprise?
One of the biggest industry events of the year kicked off during the last week of February, always bringing value to the mobile device market. But with a focus on the fourth industrial revolution, IoT, 5G and the like, how will this year’s Mobile World Congress event truly impact the enterprise?