The Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Stories Of 2017

What a year in news, information, and insight in the mobile device world. From iPhone’s release of its new models to digital assistants aiding everyday life, tech innovation has seen an incredible amount of progression.

But what about the business world? How is mobility changing the way work is done, efficiencies are realized, and costs saved? The following list includes the five most-read enterprise mobility stories of 2017. Click on each headline to read more.

Industry Insight 2017: The State Of Enterprise Mobility
Compiling a month-long survey of data points and a multitude of interviews with analysts and end-users alike, Enterprise Mobility Exchange embarked on an in-depth focus of the state of enterprise mobility midyear, and presented the input in this wide-ranging white paper. Lear more about the State of Enterprise Mobility in 2017, and what is expected in 2018 by downloading the paper here – for free.

Movers & Shakers: IBM Sues CIO, IT Execs Change Industries
In August of 2017, Enterprise Mobility Exchange launched a new monthly column, titled Movers & Shakers, which focused on the biggest IT executive changes across all industries. In its initial post, the column paved its way to success when an IBM CIO attempted to join Amazon, and various other CIOs and Directors took on similar roles in new companies and industries.

7 Essential AI Terms: What Do They Mean?
The data shows Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the enterprise mobility space, but it’s also been around for decades. In this contributed post from Don Grust, we break down the mix of terms associated with AI and what they truly mean to help separate fact from fiction in the space.

‘Going Mobile’ In Illinois Creates 400% Time ROI
Enterprise Mobility Exchange put together a terrific offering of case studies in 2017, but none resonated more with the audience than how the state of Illinois dove headfirst into mobile apps for its workforce to create efficiency and time savings. The results, as the headline shows, was monumental, and a huge step forward for mobility in the public sector.

3 Reasons Smishing Is Enterprise Mobility’s Biggest Threat
There are 15.2 million texts sent every minute of every day around the globe – a staggering number, but one associated with the most utilized form of communication known today. What that means is there’s a perfect threat vector available to hackers, now known as smishing – the phishing attempt via text messages. Enterprise Mobility Exchange broke down the top three reasons why this is going to negatively impact the business world as workers become more mobile-enabled each day.