An Analysis of Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific

The impact that mobility is having in Asia, including the adoption and usage of mobile devices, the substantial growth of infrastructure availability, and the level of experimentation and participation in mobile among enterprises is currently like no where else on the planet, according to Trent Mayberry, Managing Director of Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital, APAC.

Speaking to us ahead of his participation at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC, which will take place 16 - 17 October in Singapore, Trent outlined what he feels are the most significant trends within Enterprise Mobility and digital business processes as a whole.

Trent also pointed out the areas in which APAC is leading the way, for example, recent Accenture research revealed that around 80% of Chinese businesses describe deployment and adoption of mobility as effective, compared to 46% globally.

Among other topics discussed in this interview are Trent's predictions for exciting emerging technologies, areas of investment that practitioners should be prioritising in their mobile strategies, and ways in which businesses in APAC could benefit and learn from the successes with mobility of more mature markets.