Book a Meeting in One Tap

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Mike McEnaney

Enterprise mobile security company MobileIron has announced the availability of their Rooms app. As an Apple mobility partner, MobileIron built Rooms for iOS enterprise customers to make booking a conference room easy with a single tap on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. 

MobileIron Rooms is a simple, lightweight conference room-scheduling app that displays details of available rooms based on the user's current or future location. When the user finds a suitable conference room, it can be reserved with a single tap on an iPhone or iPad. Users can also view or extend reservations from Apple Watch. 

MobileIron Rooms integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and MobileIron Core and Cloud EMM solutions, so it's easy to set up from a web-based console — no on-premises installation required. 

"Transforming how people work is in MobileIron's DNA. It is a no-brainer for us to leverage iOS to make mobile users more productive," said David Barkovic, director of product management, MobileIron. "We're solving common business problems with beautifully-designed apps, and MobileIron Rooms is a perfect example of the types of apps that have a real impact on business customers."

With MobileIron Rooms, employees can:

Find the right room fast. MobileIron Rooms displays clear photos and easy-to-understand details such as building, floor, and capacity.

Search for rooms based on current or future location. Employees can look for the closest rooms in their current location or search for available rooms in a different building.

Extend reservations for meetings in progress. If a meeting runs long, a room reservation can be easily extended to ensure the meeting isn't disrupted by other parties.

MobileIron Rooms also offers low administrative overhead and risk, specifically:

Up and running in minutes. MobileIron Rooms is centrally managed using a cloud-driven web-based management console.

Integrates with Microsoft Office 365. MobileIron Rooms integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 as the system-of-record for room scheduling. Existing room calendars, policies, and settings are reused rather than duplicated and managed in another system.

Simplified security and management. MobileIron Core and MobileIron Cloud EMM solutions can seamlessly secure and manage Rooms.