Connecting Employees, Suppliers and Customers in Real Time

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Mike McEnaney

Mobile workflow software maker TrackVia has announced that energy solutions provider Coldwell Solar Inc., has selected TrackVia's workflow application platform to streamline management of their critical operational data and mobile processes across multiple locations. TrackVia will allow Coldwell Solar to connect its employees, suppliers and customers into a single centralized system, enabling everyone to see where projects and work stands in real-time through a single, easy-to-use interface complete with advanced, customized reporting and enterprise mobility.

With a highly distributed workforce and supply chain, Coldwell Solar Inc. explains that they had quickly outgrown relying exclusively on manual tools, like spreadsheets or paper forms. They claim the company needed a more versatile and sophisticated solution that would easily tie their data, processes, and other internal systems together in one place, so they could make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

“Due to the unique nature of our operations and the diverse needs of our clients, we needed to find a system that was not only more customizable than off-the-shelf software but also easy-to-use and powerful," explained G.H. Swaleh, Vice President of Operations and HR at Coldwell Solar Inc. “TrackVia will allow us to streamline our projects and gain real-time insights into our operations—enabling us to better fulfill our corporate mission, which is to provide effective, reliable, and efficient energy solutions and services to our customers.”

TrackVia’s integrated and native mobile capabilities also means that Coldwell Solar's stakeholders—even those in remote areas with little-to-no Internet connectivity—will remain connected and up-to-date on work as it happens in real time.

“We are excited to partner with Coldwell Solar Inc., an innovative and leading solar company, and to help them strengthen their already innovative efforts to provide the market with clean energy," said Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia. “TrackVia strives to help companies, like Coldwell Solar Inc., elevate the way they work by supporting their most critical and complex processes and data through fully-configurable, mobile applications.”