First-Ever Doctor-to-Patient App Aims To Make Healthcare More Efficient

Creating secure and compliant means of technology-based communication in the healthcare industry is a daunting task, if not near impossible. But one Texas-based company has jumped that hurdle, designing and now deploying the first-ever mobile app that allows doctors and patients to meet remotely.

Medici, based out of Austin, has launched an app that allows patients to connect with their own doctor, veterinarian, therapist, and other medical professionals through a HIPAA-compliant platform that eliminates office visits.

“Doctors and patients are restless for a better model for health care,” said CEO Clinton Phillips in a statement. “To have a conversation with a doctor, patients have to schedule, drive, park, fill out paperwork, sit in a waiting room and speak to a nurse. It’s time consuming.”

The company champions an end-to-end protocol for doctors, who can respond on their own time, store conversations with patients in the app, and even write prescriptions from their mobile device. On a wider basis, the company says the app is platform agile, and can be integrated into any hospital system’s healthcare portal.

The app has been rolled out in the Austin area and will be spread across the state of Texas in the coming weeks. Once that is complete, the company plans to deploy the app nationally.