Hypori Named First Virtual Mobile Device Approved by NSA

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Simon Barton

Hypori announces its approval by the United States government as the first Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) vendor to meet the stringent requirements for classified mobility. The Hypori platform is now listed as a validated component on the National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program Components List in the TLS Software Applications category.

Listing on the CSfC list enables organizations to leverage commercial products and protocols for the protection of national security information. The CSfC listing allows Hypori to be deployed to government agencies and other organizations that require mobility to adhere to stringent security standards.

Recently, the platform was awarded the Common Criteria Certification from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), further validating the product's rigorous security standards. Hypori's mobile solution meets the compliance and security standards for various organizations and regulated industries like financial services, healthcare and payments.

Hypori enables organizations, like the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), to overcome their most significant mobile challenges, like data-at-rest (DAR) and attestation.  The company's VMI platform is a mobile-first, thin client solution that streams mobile applications running in the cloud or sanctioned datacenter to iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices. All apps and data remain within the organization- even if a device is lost, important data is not compromised.

"There is huge demand from high ranking public officials to use everyday mobile applications for classified work," said Hypori CTO, Brian Vetter, "We are excited that Hypori's software will enable the transformation of mobile technologies to support the critical needs of our nation's senior leaders as well as the many individuals and contractors who require access to classified information and services. The CSfC and Common Criteria certifications are not just relevant for government organizations, highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and the payments industries also look to these kinds of certifications as validation and assurance of the secureness of the Hypori solution."

In Healthcare, for example, the general consensus is that mobile has the potential to reshape the way patient support is delivered. Problems, however, remain. The implementation of Hypori can mitigate the risks associated with data residing on an endpoint. It’s a similar picture in industries such as retail and healthcare, where huge potential isn’t being tapped into.

"Hypori is a good match for security services, government healthcare and other organizations where secure access to processes is required and the loss of data, or a device holding data and encryption keys, is not acceptable." Richard Absalum, Hypori On the Radar Report.