Kony Announces Release to Accelerate Mobile Application Development

Esther Shein

Kony, a provider of enterprise mobility app development platforms, has released the latest version of its Kony MobileFabric, which uses microservices as a new model-driven approach to app development. The company claims the object services in the new release make it easier and less costly to develop, maintain and upgrade mobile apps.

Kony MobileFabric 7.0 enables developers to define or automatically generate application data models and then map them to a set of backend content sources for rapid data integration, modeling and object development, the company stated.

“Kony is providing a radically new approach to mobile application development with the next generation of application services, and a new model that leverages object-based techniques,” said Dave Shirk, president of products, strategy and marketing at Kony, in a statement. “History has shown – from mainframe to client server to web – that model-driven approaches provide the fastest and most efficient application outcomes for business.”

Kony MobileFabric 7.0 provides modular app assembly capabilities that let developers set up ‘app factories’ to meet their business demands by using code that has common components to streamline the development of apps, according to Shirk.

Gartner has projected that market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than the capacity within internal IT organizations to deliver them.

The updates to version 7.0 are designed to give developers the ability to create and configure data objects using metadata from backend systems, according to Kony. This gives enterprises increased agility to meet changing business needs. Rather than focusing on low-level integration and transformational code, the company says mobile app developers can now focus on improving user experience and value-adding features.

In addition, applications can now run directly from a Kony MobileFabric storage service without requiring a separate backend data source because of the data objects, which allow automatic support for offline data synchronization. This helps accelerate the mobile application development process, according to Kony.

Gas distribution company SGN is using Kony MobileFabric to roll out a customer satisfaction app. “Kony has allowed us to create the service in a matter of just a few weeks,’’ said Andrew Quail, chief information officer, in a statement. Before, this would have taken months on the legacy platform and would have come at a considerable expense.” MobileFabric is enabling SGN to build apps faster, Quail said, “so we can be just as successful with those mobile apps as we have been with our customer satisfaction app.”