No Code? No Problem With DIY Mobile App Platform

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Esther Shein

Mobile development platform provider Zuznow has released the latest iteration of its enterprise mobility software tool, which provides no-code, “point and click” functionality so even non-programmers can customize the platform’s automatically developed mobile web result. 

The announcement is seen as a strategic move to help organizations grappling with a lack of skilled mobile app developers as well as a way to prod them to meet the demand for mobile enterprise apps. In June, Gartner noted, “Demand for mobile apps in the enterprise is growing, but the urgency to scale up mobile app development doesn’t yet appear to be a priority for most organizations,’’ according to Adrian Leow, principal research analyst.

Zuznow’s frontend-as-a-service (FaaS) platform is designed to help organizations deliver omni-channel customer and employee experiences for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Zuznow has also added a graphical dashboard that provides real-time, critical information on data to help users make mobile business decisions. 

“The demand for large numbers of mobile apps delivered on very short timelines has also driven the demand for RMAD tools,’’ according to a 2016 Gartner survey entitled How Enterprises Are Tackling Mobile App Development in 2016.  “These no-code/low-code tools allow people other than programmers to build mobile apps quickly and easily in visual development environments. Adoption and use of these tools relieves pressure on development teams to build large numbers of mobile apps that the organization needs.” 

Zuznow’s new visual editor offers no-code functionality that the company claims simplifies customizing the automatic mobile web result produced from the Zuznow AI platform. Using the interactive visual editor, non-developers can customize the user experience for all channels and devices, according to Zuznow. They can select an element and change its appearance using the editor function without having to code anything.

“As easy as our platform is to use we continue to move it toward our vision of complete automation,” said Chen Levkovich, CEO and founder of Zuznow, in a statement.  “By using our visual editor to do ‘point and click’ customization of the automatic mobile web result, we enable enterprises to create unique user experiences based on their brand and usability standards.”

The platform is available in both Cloud and on-premises versions. Pricing information was not released.