Speeding the Development of New Apps

Mike McEnaney

Rapid Application Development Platform software company WaveMaker has announced, what they are calling the most comprehensive professional services available for rapid mobile-app development. With the new services, professional and non-professional developers alike can speed the deployment of new apps, allowing their companies to enhance their competitive position, accelerate revenue capture, and relieve their overburdened IT departments.

WaveMaker addresses the mounting challenge of enterprises to reduce the complexity of application development - and, in particular, applications that must be developed for a variety of platforms or OS's in parallel. As an example, WaveMaker professional services address the increasing demand for mobile access to apps, and on platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. Modernizing the front-ends of existing apps to add mobile capabilities using web technologies is more efficient and cost-effective than building native apps for each mobile platform.

Three components are especially critical to improving app delivery times in today's market:

• Enterprises are demanding a best-practices approach to Agile development, to reduce development times and to ensure reusability of core app components

• Developers expect to use micro-services architecture in app development, using individual pretested micro services to simplify app design, testing, and go-live

• Developers are demanding new tools to enable quicker service integrations by automating creation of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

The new services are designed to help enterprises propel development projects ahead, leveraging the inherent advantages of rapid app development. At the core of RAD is rapid prototyping, which allows developers to create "real looking" apps in a matter of days, and without slowing the full development lifecycle. In traditional services delivery, prototyping is intrusive and diverts development efforts from actual software development. With RAD, prototypes reveal the core functionality of an app rapidly, without necessitating a long approval and budgeting process.

WaveMaker's new and expanded professional services offer complete, turn-key application development services. Services include:

• Development Services offer design, development and hosting of custom applications for enterprise customers.

• Jumpstart Services are short-term consulting projects to jumpstart application development with help of WaveMaker experts at any stage of the delivery lifecycle.

• Training Services offer flexible options to get customers up to speed on WaveMaker RAD.

"Mobile devices across a range of platforms are invading the enterprise at an unprecedented rate," said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. "And the apps that will drive productivity of users on those devices are overwhelmingly revenue-producing apps, such as those required in eCommerce. This has created a challenge in the enterprise to define, develop, and deploy new apps at light speed. For many enterprises, the only viable option has been to outsource development, and at considerable cost and the loss of direct control over quality. WaveMaker's no-coding RAD platform, together with comprehensive professional services, empowers internal developers to take control of their own destiny."