Trimble's New VisionLink To Provide Faster Access to Fleet, Asset and Productivity Data on Mobile Devices

Simon Barton

Trimble recently announced the new version of VisionLink, a solution for fleet, asset and productivity management. The new iteration provides easier and faster access to more focused information using targeted apps via any web-enabled device, like a tablet or smartphone.

Designed for Mobile Devices

VisionLink is an optimised solution for mobile devices. Irrespective of whether users are viewing the information on a laptop or on a smartphone, the system provides identical functionality with uncluttered, easy-to-read screens featuring large buttons.

Customised and Targeted Apps

The web-based VisionLink solution has been redesigned into smaller, task-based targeted apps so users can quickly access the information they need. Contractors can also configure the software to fit their needs with a new feature that offers a variety of customisable dashboard widgets. They can also specify when automated reports are generated and what content the reports will include. New targeted apps include VisionLink Unified Fleet and VisionLink Landfill.

The VisionLink Unified Fleet app, developed for the fleet manager, features screens to display information such as hours, miles, location, idle time, asset status, and customer-defined asset states. The app will also continue to support the AEM/AEMP Telematics API Standard, allowing the system to be used for mixed fleets.

The VisionLink Landfill app is designed to enable landfill operators to better manage solid waste. The new app tracks the compaction and fill processes on landfill compactors using a Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control system. The app calculates waste volumes placed and compaction densities.

Third-Party Data Integration

Partners and third parties can extend the VisionLink apps to fit their needs with the VisionLink Services Platform. Third-party developers can create unique solutions using VisionLink data to offer solutions that broaden the standard VisionLink features.

An Easy Transition

To ease the transition between the legacy and next generation solution, the VisionLink Legacy app allows contractors to use the original interface. Customers will use the same URL, which will take them to a website with information about new VisionLink apps. From this screen, existing users can log on and then select VisionLink Legacy or select one of the new apps, such as VisionLink Unified Fleet or VisionLink Landfill.