5 Reasons You Should Build Business Process Applications With Point-And-Click

The Faster And Smarter Way To Build Mobile Applications In The Enterprise

Steven Lerner

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Mobile applications in the enterprise empower business users by providing real-time insight into daily operations, enhancing business productivity, and expanding accessibility to remote employees. This creates a strong need in the enterprise for professionals to develop mobile applications that can impact the business operations they understand.

The problem is that many business professionals aren’t developers and they lack the knowledge to write code. Many organizations also lack the necessary tools to properly develop mobile applications. Often in an enterprise, business application projects run over time, run over budget, or get stuck in the development stages.

To avoid these complications, many enterprises are turning to application development platforms to reduce the need for learning code. No-code applications are often easier to design, faster to build, and cheaper to maintain over their lifespan. One of the most prominent examples of no-code software is a point-and-click platform that empowers business users to create code-free applications with an automatically generated database.

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  • How an accessible application development process fosters collaboration between IT personnel and business leaders
  • The difference between centrally hosted applications in a cloud database and private cloud deployments
  • The importance of an efficient application development process to keep up with market demands.