The Internet of Things: Harnessing the Power of an Ever-Connected Enterprise

The next monumental phase of technology could arrive sooner than expected, with the internet of things (IoT), and the myriad of associated connected devices generating significant interest among enterprises throughout a wide and diverse range of industries.

The potential benefits of bringing IoT, along with wearables, sensors, beacons and other powerful solutions into the workplace has been raising interest for some time already. Despite mixed opinions regarding the substance behind this expected influx into businesses globally, IoT could soon become a universally recognised force within the space.

Companies are already beginning to find ways of using IoT as a catalyst for unique improvements to the efficiency of their operations, and are beginning to experience reductions in the cost of producing goods and services for their customers, as well as many other benefits.

This report discusses which industries are set to gain the most from IoT, which use cases may be the most innovative, and how business leaders can strategically move towards an ever-connected enterprise landscape.

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